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The Gala Dinner is one of the most refined and exclusive form of Events, a gallant “entertainment” at a high level, which sometimes includes the participation of VIPs. Often the Gala Dinner represents the final stage of formal Events, such as Congresses, Conferences, Seminars, Product Launches and Opening Ceremonies, etc.

The mission of the Gala Dinner is to bring the “relationship” of organizers and guests to a brand new level, to summarize “behind the scenes” the most interesting notions of the formal part of the Event, to integrate entertainment with professionalism and allow different corporate levels and branches to mix and mingle.

The organization of a Gala Dinner is quite complex. Our professional Event Managers will take care of your Event planning and mangement, guaranteeing an excellent result able to exceed all expectations.

When you choose FAS Security Solution, you’re choosing a partner who is dedicated to the success of your event. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and consultative approach—from the moment you contact us—through day-of-event execution.

We can make a vision for your event become a reality. After deciding on the atmosphere (formal or relaxed), our Event Managers will lead you through the following questions:


The date of the Gala Dinner is usually set by the Client. The season, in this case, provides us with many helpful indications: from the event venue selection to menu choice and dress code. Usually, planning starts approximately 12-24 months before the Event. Therefore, to perform our job with maximum efficiency, we gently ask our Customers to set a precise date in advance.


The event venue plays a very important role: a right choice of the location ensures fifty percent of emotional impact.

Needless to say, that Italy – probably, the most beautiful country in the world – offers endless possibilities.

During the summer the best are outdoor spaces, such as villas with fruit gardens, hotels with large terraces or restaurants with private back yards. We are always ready for any eventuality: in case of rain our professionals will provide a tensile structure.

During the winter we offer our customers a vast choice of warm and welcoming locations, creating a perfect atmosphere through the play of lights and exclusive set-ups.


Nowadays, the possibilities to make a unique and unforgettable event are really endless. We offer our customers fresh and individual ideas and we are able to realize any concept.

We carefully choose tables, chairs, napkins, plates, glasses, cutlery, flowers and various decorative elements. With particular attention we take care of the music, the lights and the scenographic effects that guarantee an excellent result in creating unforgettable atmospheres.


Apart from an excellent music that will accompany the Gala evening throughout its development, FAS Security Solution offers its Customers various entertainment options. According to the event purpose and atmosphere, our Project Managers will help you to select the appropriate entertainment type, from magic shows and illusionism to silhouette artists (portraits) to street artists, and so on.


The invitation to the Gala dinner is the key to its success since engages your attendees. Whether it’s simple or creative, send by e-mail or printed on sophisticated paper, it is essential to communicate to the participants all needed:

  • Time and Date of the Gala Dinner
  • The address of the Event Venue
  • Contact Information (it is advisable to ask guests to confirm their participation)
  • Dress Code (Black&White, Total White, Casual or Elegant)

Our professional project Managers will help you make the perfect invitation. Remember, the first copy should be sent 2-3 months before the advent, with the last reminder one week beforehand.

With FAS Security Solution your Event will win any challenge.

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