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FAS Security Solution pays particular attention to planning and management of the Incentive Events.

An Incentive Event is an interactive, engaging method of inspiring employees’ morale, partners’ trust and consumers’ interest. Successful incentive events are statistically linked to increased sales motivation, greater profit margins, customer loyalty, and new products and services.

Properly used, Incentive Events can:

  • renew loyalty
  • provoke imagination
  • stimulate success
  • increase motivation
  • speed up integration
  • raise positive team spirit
  • enhance interpersonal communication within the company
  • develop soft skills such as leadership, time management, teamwork and problem solving
  • bring out the dynamics of the group
  • speed up the ability to reflect and strengthen learning skills

FAS Security Solution Event Managers know how to capture and amplify all these attributes. We believe that the key word for a memorable event is “emotion”, while the key word for assimilation of the information is “action”. Learning in adults is most effective through direct experience, especially if its followed by emotions.

N.B. Although the actual event should be relatively short (1-2 hours), several months (from 6 to 12) are needed for proper planning.

When starting preparation, the only question really matters: “What is the reason for the incentive event?” Defining the reason for the activity (loss of morale, new product launch, or customer loyalty) our Even Managers will help you to select the theme – from wine tastings to formal dinners with crime solving to trekking and yachting – that will direct the rest of the event. A winsome theme engages attendees!

According to the Customer’s goal, participants’ characteristic, season and the budget available – our Event Managers will help you to organize the best sporting and / or mental activity.

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