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Security is the primary need of all people, companies and organizations. FAS Security Solution provides manned security services in order to guarantee physical security of premises and the safety of people.

Due our the considerable experience in this field, FAS Security Solution knows that there are situations in which manned security services are simply necessary. Even if CCTV cameras do act as a deterrent to some criminals, in most cases, they only help to detain delinquents after they have vandalised your site, damaged your property, stolen your equipment, goods or information, causing huge on-going problems. Two words: “too late”.  Solution: manned security.

FAS Security Solution customises offerings that are suited to the individual customer’s needs in order to deliver the most cost effective security solution. In many years of work, we have not received a single rebuke from our customers.

Manned Security: What Is It?

Manned security guards protect the integrity of employing party’s assets – property, people, equipment, information, money, etc. – from a variety of hazards such as assault, invasion of privacy, unlawful entry, damage, unsafe worker behavior, theft, fire, ecc. by using preventative measures. These include:

  • guardshigh-visibility presence (to deter illegal and inappropriate actions);
  • access control (in order to prevent unauthorized or unlawful entries);
  • constant monitoring (for signs of crime or other hazards, such as a fire or invasion of privacy);
  • taking action to minimize damage (such as warning and escorting trespassers off property);
  • reporting any incidents to Clients and appropriate Emergency Services (such as the Police or Paramedics).

With FAS Security Solution you can enjoy the peace of mind that your premises and assets will be protected by professional, fully trained, vetted guards, capable of carrying out supervision and patrolling duties towards:

    • Companies 
    • Factories
    • Building and Construction sites
    • Warehouses
    • Trade Fairs
    • Car park
    • Private and Public houses
    • Events

With FAS Security Solution you will also benefit from having on-site personnel who will behave in a courteous, intelligent and professional manner towards your staff and customers. This will further enhance your corporate image, professionalism and reputation.

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If you need any help or further information regarding FAS Security Solution, our staff or the services that we provide, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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